Tunnel mystery from heritage building in Bandung

Lately some of the mass media told about many historical building in the city being down, One by one old building in the city of Bandung will be dissapear, start with Furniture Shop Kero at Jln. No Braga. 67 is evidence of the economic power that is capable of destroying historical records the city of Bandung. Some other classic buildings that beautify the city of Bandung has been for decades, now also threatened the everlasting.

Old building is not only prominent in terms of aesthetic and historical. Some buildings also have a mystery that not many people know. Gedung Merdeka, one of them. Building art deco-style architecture built in the Dutch architect Wolff Schoemaker in 1921 it is one of the historic buildings in the city of Bandung which is still standing upright in Jln. Asia Afrika No.. 65. Gedung Merdeka is a silent witness uni nations of Asia and Africa against colonialism.

At the age of more than a century, this building still save a lot of stories. From the tunnel still has a lot of mystery, and perhaps its seem that underground rooms also connect with the Gedung Merdeka other old buildings.

Entrance to the crypt at Gedung Merdeka is accessible from the building edge, precisely from the Jln. Cikapundung East. The entrance of the room beneath the ground in front of the building that used to function as a Regional Library of West Java. If not carefully, the entrance to the crypt will not be visible. However, if observed, decreased lane about one meter high and about two meters.

The front of the room-sized 3 x 5 meters in the crypt that now work as a motorcycle parking management staff and the Museum Building Merdeka Asia Africa conference (KAA). Right in front of a motorcycle parking space that will be visible from the door of iron, painted yellow one meter width. There are two doors in the room made by iron and lead at the Jln. Cikapundung East. However, the door has been closed by the curb side of the Gedung Merdeka.

Desmon Andrian Satria (31), a publication and promotion of staff KAA Museum in regard to the doors to the room down the land. According to him, was a two-door entrance at the dancers on stage would debut Gedung Merdeka.

"They say, the dancers dress up in the building that is now so Martial Nations Office Front (FBB), front of Gedung Merdeka. Prink After, they go to Gedung Merdeka through space under the door of the land. Because of the crypt there is a small tunnel directly to the stage , "said Desmon. Crypt is located right in the bottom of the VIP room VIII Gedung Merdeka.

The former prison

More to enter the crypt, there are lot of rounded window like windows at submarine. They said, after working as a waiting room before the dancers ascend the stage, this crypt also a prison. "Previously there was lattice-jerujinya, but has now been removed. What we know, this former prison, political prisoners," said Desmon.

See above, it appears the roof of bamboo with filled by cement. Some parts have been damaged and that water stain that rain puddle white color palate. Go to a bit part in, there are piles of black table teak. Tables of teak wood table that is used by the original participants delegation KAA 1955. Somehow, the original tables, amounting to 29 units are left damaged there.

Arrive in the space below, there is a small door that was closed the meeting by brick and cement. A number of museum employees KAA justify the alley that connects the room to the ground under the stage in the conference room. Closing is done in 1992, when the KTT Nonblok was held in the building. Closing a small alley in the basement with the security of the delegation participants KTT Nonblok.

The small door covered with brick at basement Gedung Merdeka, make a lot of perception of many people in the surrounding areas. Some people who have long lived in or around Gedung Merdeka acknowledge subway that connects the building with other buildings.

There are also connecting it with the context of the Asia Africa Conference. Subway in Gedung Merdeka connect with the Hotel Savoy Homann access road to the conference delegates who stay overnight at the hotel. The other opinion states that the other lane that connects with the de Vries Building, located in the opposite Gedung Merdeka.

"When i was young, I had entered the underground room in Gedung Merdeka. Many prisoners with a mustache and beard long in there. Then, I ordered to feed the prisoners," said Adin (72), retired civil servants, Hygiene Department, Bandung who now works as a security officer at OCBC Bank NISP Jln. Asia Africa. Adin confess, can not see clearly the face of the prisoners because the darkness.

"I was also told that there are underground tunnels that connect the underground room with the Building Gedung Merdeka de Vries. But, of course I do not know," said Adin.

Some opinions on building the tunnel under Gedung Merdeka is more "wild". There is the lane that connected with Pakuan Building, City Hall Building, to Gedung Sate. Opinion that more "wild" even the alley that connects to the villa isola UPI. Setiabudhi.

Head of Museum KAA Isman Pasha, said he had heard many stories about the mystery of space underground tunnels and the building with the surrounding buildings.

"I have never heard a tunnel connecting this building with a shop and shop the Lido (Building de Vries) that chance maybe true " said Isman. That, he said, underground tunnels that connect buildings in the crypt with the stage in the conference room is exacly has.

source : Pikiran Rakyat Bandung

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