BlackBerry is now the favorite gadgets to everyone. Not the Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) also have them. But JK is created confusion with the mobile phone that offers many advanced features. (

What is Blackberry ??

Blackberry was first introduced in 1997 by the Canadian company, Research In Motion (Rim). Capabilities deliver information through wireless data networks of mobile phone service companies surprise the world.

Blackberry was first introduced in Indonesia in mid-December 2004 by your company StarHub and Indosat. StarHub is a implementation company of the Rim Blackberry are the main partners. In Indonesia, StarHub to be part of the service in all things technical about the installation operator Indosat via Blackberry. Indosat provides Blackberry Internet Service and Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Blackberry market then being popular by two other major operator Excelkom and Telkomsel. Excelkom provide two service options that is Blackberry Internet Service and Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Initially, the Blackberry service can only be accessed through a Blackberry smartphone only. But along with the time, the third operator has to provide facilities that enable Blackberry Connect Blackberry Internet Solution is accessed through a type of smartphone, such as Nokia (N-9500, N-9300, N-9300i, E61), Sony Ericsson P910i, M600i, Palm Treo , Dopod, and other.

So far, the new Blackberry facilities used by the users and the private corporation, has not penetrated to the government and the intelligence field as in other countries.

Blackberry Tellor, its made only just 50 in the world. With filling with 250 diamonds at the body.

The main feature Blackberry in the market is a push e-mail. This product gets a e-mail because it tracks all new e-mail, contact list, and schedule information (calendar) "driven" into the Blackberry automatically. With push e-mail all e-mail can be forwarded directly to the phone. E-mail is also a process of compression, and scan in the Blackberry server, so safe from viruses. Attachment files such as Microsoft office documents and PDF can be opened easily. an e-mail size of 1 MB, if received via push e-mail can be 10 kb with a fixed content.

User not need to access the internet and open the e-mail messages one by one, or checking a new e-mail. This is possible because the user will be connected to an internet through the mobile phone network is available. The tool also allows the storage of users to access the data to the out of the coverage of wireless service. Once the user is connected again, Blackberry Enterprise Server will deliver the incoming data.

Other merit is the ability to accommodate a Blackberry e-mail to tens of thousands without the risk of hangs there, as long as there is still memory left.

Power the passions you pursue with a smartphone that expresses your style and simplifies your life.

The BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone embodies elegant design — without sacrificing the features or functionality you expect from a premium smartphone.

Blackberry can also be used to chat. Similar to Yahoo Messenger, but it is done through the Blackberry network identity by entering the number.

All Blackberry service is known very well secure e-mail, chat, and browsing. for browsing the Internet data from the website have been compressed so that it opens more quickly.

Other facilities that are a mainstay Blackberry instant message. Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Skype has now become a partner with the Blackberry. The latest technology that allows us to "talk" (chat) in the Internet through mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). But the Blackberry is different in the installation process is complete it can be done through the wireless network.

Other advantage is also present through compression technology, which caused the cost of access becomes cheaper and the answers through a message alert on Blackberry vibration

Crackberry ??

Crackberry comes from a word that means the crack cocaine and said Blackbery. Ease of access are presented in e-mail and instant messaging make the user can't be separated from the Blackberry. Effect is produced to make the user look like a person addicted to the Blackberry. Crackberry also raises concerns will be a change of rhythm not health, balance the loss of life.

This and some state governments to limit and even prohibit the use of Blackberry. Office Citizenship and Immigration Canada, officials ordered the employees to turn off that gadget from 7 pm to 7 am, public holidays and weekends. This is to keep alive harmony life of employees. The government then issued special guidelines in handling emergency situations in relation to restrictions Blackberry. While in France, appears to ban the minister to use the Blackberry with intelligence reasons. This is understandable, considering the use of Blackberry in the UK has been extended to the tracking numbers of vehicles and photographs of criminals.

Tutorial setting for Blackberry on XL,

sms BB ON sent to 568. You will get a reply message :

Terima kasih atas kepercayaan Anda menggunakan layanan XL BlackBerry. Untuk mengaktifkan layanan BlackBerry One, ketik YA kirim ke 568.

sms YA sent to 568, and you will get a reply message :

Anda telah mengaktifkan layanan BlackBerry One dari XL. Layanan BlackBerry One akan aktif dalam waktu 1×24 jam.

And after you have another notification "

Layanan BlackBerry One Anda sudah aktif, selamat menikmati layanan BlackBerry One dari XL. Informasi lebih lanjut

The more tutorial setup can read by this link

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