GaminMobile XT 50030 on Symbian Handphone

After lot of tutorial in website, about how to install GPS progam garminXT for symbian.
I would like to write some easy tutorial for newbie.

first of all, you must know what your phone base ,, its work for symbian. If your phone work like windows CE, you must installed with garmin for win CE.

step 1. downlod




garmin_kgen.exe (v1.3 or more)
You can find by search google of course

the spesific maps eg :

Malaysia & Singapore Map
( Password =

for eg. Middle East Map

( )

Step 2 : Installer

A. Connect your hp to PC via USB cable, select ' Mass storage Mode'. NOT PC SUITE mode.
This will make your phone act like "Flash Disk"

B. Click to install from PC - GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_50030.exe
install to memory card in your phone as detected as Flash Disk drive in your Computer.

C. Click to install from PC - GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe
like B, prosedure

D. Click to install from PC - GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe
like B, prosedure

E. Remove USB connection between hp and PC, after make sure dismantle your connection with PC. You can open your , Application , then run GarminXT. (if not icon, you must installed it first, go to setting - application manager - installation files - klik 'garminxt" for install

F. While running Garmin Mobile, after select language and other choose the bottom choice to go to Garmin apps Tools > Settings > About ( Write or remember Card ID)

G. Generate unlock code using garmin_kgen.exe (v1.3 or more), copy the serial number paste into a notepad, save as sw.unl (not sw.unl.txt or sw.txt)
Generate map id, to get custom id number, then generate, copy the number paste into notepad, and save as GMAPSUPP.unl. You can get tutorial about finding custom id map in here

H. Put this sw.unl , GMAPSUPP.unl dan gmapsupp.img in Garmin folder in memory card via Mass storage transfer.

K.Lanch Garmin again, you will now then able to log into menu system successfully, click tools > settings > system > RemoteGPS > Use Attached /Built-in GPS

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