How to unlock GPS MIO device

There some reason to unlock your GPS device, whether is cant use in your map country or another reason to modified it.

1. If you want to use mio default progam but you want to unlock it use this way.

my device is c230 v3.3 us version

  • download this , extract to your hard disk
  • connect your device to your computer, it show as new drive,
  • delete all your files on device F:Flashdisk/MioMap/MioMap/, if you dont have restore cd, you must back up it first
  • copy the extract file from miogeneral.rar to device
  • copy your map *.fbl to maps folder, you can search your map in search area
  • unplug the connector cable, restart your mio and enjoy
2. If you want just modified there some another way , you can install miopocket you can search from here
or you can combine the unlock on method 1 with many skins , i will write after my trial on that skin.

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